I'll admit, my entire body hurts right now.

All of it. All over.

I can't really blame it on age in this case. I mean, I could but I'm not going to. Why? Because I did a heck of a lot of work yesterday to finish up this project and the end result is totally worth it. I've been in my house now just over 6 years. When I moved in, there weren't giant projects that needed to happen. It was basically a lot of painting...like every room. (I think I hurt after that was all done, too.)

Recently, my parents helped me put in new floors in my bathrooms. That flooring gave me the idea to expand a bit with it.

My plan has always been to get rid of the carpet upstairs for so many reasons, but the biggest being my asthma. It doesn't matter how clean of a person you are, the dust that accumulates, the smells and stains are just horrible for my (or anybody's) health. It was super important to do this economically but I didn't want it to look like I was being cheap either. So, when I was trying to get ideas for the bathroom floors, I went to Home Depot and walked the flooring aisles a few times. Each time I stopped at the vinyl plank flooring. There was something about it that caught my eye. It was an easy decision to try it in the bathrooms and they turned out awesome!



The ease of the project along with how aesthetically pleasing they turned out made it a very easy decision to put in the order for flooring for the bedrooms.

I started with my bedroom, which is the largest of the areas I'll be tackling. It's also the room in the house I utilize most given how busy my schedule usually is. In fact, I did this project over the course of two weeks, however it only took that length of time because I only had 2 week nights to myself in that period of time. I most likely could've done this in one or two full days that's how "easy" it is.

The most difficult portion was ripping up the carpet - it was also the most disgusting knowing I've never spilled anything in my bedroom to accompany the stains that were underneath - yuck!

My bedroom was the attic at one point, which made it kinda cool to see how the flooring underneath was pieced together.

I did it section by section, knowing my schedule is how it is and I would need to live in the space as I was doing it. So, I basically ripped and rolled up the carpet and padding as I went and hoped for the best.

DIY: Flooring, credit: Marissa
DIY: Flooring, credit: Marissa

The only part of this that can get difficult is the math for some of the cuts, but the cuts themselves are done with a razorblade (and in some cases, kitchen scissors because of how sharp they are.)

I believe, with carpet removal (and all the pieces that went along with it), laying the actual floor, moving furniture and cleaning after each day that I spent approximately 15 hours getting this room done. It sounds like a lot, but the room takes up half of the upstairs, so it's BIG.

DIY: Flooring, credit: Marissa
DIY: Flooring, credit: Marissa

I am definitely pleased with the end result. I still have to remove the molding, touch it up and lower it, finish up the closet area and probably a couple other little things but the biggest hurdle has been cleared!

To learn more about Allure Plank Flooring visit their Official Website.


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