So the producers of "Jersey Shore" have come out with a brand new show on CMT called "Party Down South".  I do remember seeing a commercial for it at one point but I totally forgot that it would be debuting last night on the network. This morning, more than one person on my Facebook feed have said that they LOVE IT.

I just don't know how I feel about it. On one hand I absolutely HATED "Jersey Shore", I tried to watch it a few times and I just felt like I lost IQ points every time, on the other hand I love rednecks and can certainly relate to them much more easily.

This group of young people though, .... wow. Take a look at this video of the cast introducing themselves to the people of America:

Now that is an interesting mix of rednecks! I can only imagine the things you will wittness throughout the season when you mix young adults, alcohol, Bibles and guns. I guess I will have to catch the first episode on repeat and see if maybe I can get through a season of this, if nothing else, it may be GREAT for talking about on the Sean and Richie Show!

Here is another "sneak peak" at "Party Down South" that I particularly enjoyed:

If you watched it last night, what did you think? If you didn't do you think you will?