We are all on the go, so chances are you have used your bank card to buy a quick lunch or dinner. Well it looks like all of the restaurants in this chain were affected at some time in the Capital Region with your credit card being compromised. You are being urged to check your bank statements if you have eaten at a Chipotle restaurant March 24th through April 18th. I have been searching all of the Chipotle's I have been to in the Capital Region and it appears that there are certain dates that the cards have been hacked. You can type in the city and location and the website will give you the dates of the hacking.

It figures. I love Chipotle and we have been going quite often, recently to just eat better quality of fast food. Now I am going though our debit card statements and the dates to make sure not only did I get charged for extra guacamole, but they didn't purchase an avocado farm as well.

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