Remember this "Dingo Ate My Baby" story from way back when?  I guess the case really wasn't closed until now. This one has a surprise ending

We take you back to 1980, when, according to a very young girl vanished in Australia.  The mother swore that it was taken by a dingo.  The jury thought the dingo defense made her a dingBAT, and  and she was convicted of murder.

The conviction was overturned later that decade, but finally the coroner's report was released ,and guess what?

THE DINGO DID IN FACT EAT THE BABY.  It took all this time to put this to bed?  And while we're at it, remember the famous Seinfeld episode where Elaine mentioned it?

It was huge.  There is actually a BAND named "A Dingo Ate My Baby".

Very interesting how the press continually skewers someone without all of the facts.  Can you imagine this woman going through all of this , only to find out she was telling the truth?

I guess you never know what will happen when the wheels of justice start turning (although I wish they would turn just a little faster than it took in this case!)