After a week off for a well deserved vacation, I am back with another edition of Flashback Friday.

One of my favorite artists from the 1990's was Diamond Rio, so many great songs and incredible harmonies. Plus the fact that one of the members of the group, Drummer Brian Prout, is a hometown boy who grew up in Troy, NY. It gave me another reason to be a fan.

My favorite Diamond Rio song of all time is a song that wasn't a major hit. This week I feature their 1996 single "It's All In Your Head".

The song was the third single from their album "IV" following "Walkin' Away" and "That's What I get For Lovin' You". The song reached only #15 on the Billboard country charts but was always and continues to be a favorite of mine. Very catchy groove to the song and for some reason I just love the line "We never walked on the moon, Elvis ain't dead, you ain't goin' crazy, it's all in your head."

The video also is great because accompanies the song so well. It stars Martin Sheen along with his son Ramon Estevez. It's a very dark video but at the same time very eye catching.

Diamond Rio are still touring and making music. A few years ago the band released a Christian album called "The Reason"

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