I just saw that Desperate Housewives will be entering it's last season. I was shocked! Not that the show is coming to an end, I was shocked it's still on TV.  Are people really still watching this show? Maybe it's just me, but I jumped off this bandwagon years ago. That's why I was shocked to hear the creator, Marc Cherry say, " I wanted to go out when the network still saw us as a viable show and doing well in ratings.. I'm very aware of shows that overstay their welcome." Really?

Now  I am aware that I have a much shorter attention span than most TV viewers out there. I mean I'm already done with "Grey's Anatomy", and I've even stopped watching one of my favorite shows, "House". I know there are plenty of people who still enjoy both of those shows. I have however liked a lot of shows for their whole run, "Law and Order" and "Cheers" come to mind, both lasted a very long time.

"Desperate Housewives", though? I'm sorry if this is still one of your favoritists shows in the whole big wide world but if you ask me they could have ended that one mercifully after a few seasons. That's just my opinion though, so I wondered what yours is. What shows in your mind started out great but then just fizzled and got lame yet, still stayed on the air for years?

I can think of a couple off the top of my head, "CSI" yes, all of them. This was groundbreaking, I had never seen a better show at the time it came out but, even though I know I'd probably still kind of enjoy watching an episode, I long since have moved on. How about "ER"? You have to admit after most of the original cast were gone this show totally lost its flair. I'm also quite confident we will  be saying this about the "new", "Two and a half men", soon.

So what are your thoughts? What started so good and maybe through cast changes, or running out of original story lines just lost its shine for you?

I just hope this doesn't happen to some of my current favorites like, "Criminal Minds" or "Alphas", but I know it will. Maybe next time we can talk about shows that didn't last long enough!