It started in Whitehall and now towns all over the Capital Region are jumping on board, applying for an HGTV "Takeover."

Last weekend, we talked about how Whitehall was getting together to make an application video to be on an upcoming episode of "Hometown Takeover." Now that word got out that they did it, other towns in the area are jumping on the trend too.

There are so many towns around the area that are trying to get on this show, you have to think that one of them will be picked, right? News10 reported that the village of Ravena set up a parade on what looked like a movie set at the time to make a video for the show.

The Post Star reported that Fort Edward was next on the list. About 50 residents gathered in front of the Fort Edward Fire department and created a heart shouting "HGTV! Please pick us!" Then, I saw the Daily Gazette report that Amsterdam and Gloversville are also throwing their hat in. Amsterdam produced a video highlighting some of the best parts of the area whereas Gloversville is still working on their application.

If you want any of these areas to win, you can apply for them. Their thought is that the more people the want a certain area, HGTV is more apt to come. Regardless of which one your heart lies with, vote for one so we can get HGTV to come and takeover!

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