There is a big loveable dog that is making a comeback to a television near you. It's one of the most beloved cartoon dogs from everyone's childhood. Clifford the Big Red Dog will make his television cartoon comeback. According to, Clifford will get a reboot along with his best friend Emily Elizabeth.

Clifford has been on TV since 2000 premiering on PBS. But he started out as a Scholastic book series back in 1963 called "Clifford the Big Red Dog". There are over one hundred thirty-three Clifford books now in sixteen different languages.

The Big Red Dog is familiar to a lot of families but will be introduced to millions more when they reboot in December. Amazon Prime Video will do the honors on December 6th and PBS Kids will premiere Clifford on December 7th. Get ready for episodes filled with bigger than ever adventures that help with literacy skills and encourage imagination.

Each new episode will feature an original song to introduce kids into different musical genres. Plus Elizabeth will speak with Clifford for the first time to make them even better friends.

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