The internet is a great place at times. Most of the time, however, it is a huge cesspool that can showcase the absolute worst in people. This is a story of the latter.

A computer virus has been going around that claims to be the United States Department Of Justice, that will ask for your money and leave you locked out of your own computer.

First a warning will pop up alerting you that there is child pornography and copyright infringement located on your machine, while you are locked out of your computer.

The virus will then prompt you to pay to have access to your computer back. Obviously you should not do this. I repeat: DO NOT PAY THEM. Not only will your computer still be locked by the virus, but those in control of the virus will then have your personal information. Once you are prompted for money in situations like this, it is pretty apparent that you are being scammed, but again, don't give them any money.

Among other things that the virus will do is turn on your webcam in order to either spy on you, or make it think you are being watched, which either way is not a good thing.

A woman, who uses her computer to keep in touch with her children, was unable to do so thanks to the virus.

The FBI has released a warning about the virus, which you can find here.


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