With the weather we’ve been having, I know a lot of people are think about warmer weather, and can’t wait for it. In my hometown of Colonie, I know that our town park and pool is a great place to bring the family on a beautiful summer day, and I can't imagine how sad it would make people (including me) if it had to close. So I hope these people can find a solution. For some people in the Delmar/Bethlehem area this might make them hold off on their wishes, until something can change this unfortunate situation regarding a pool.

Summer Swim May Disappear

Some may have considered it a local treasure at one time, but due to some very expensive repairs, Our friends at WRGB, CBS6 learned that The Kenholm Pool may be closed permanently. For the last fifty years, the Bethlehem community-run pool and picnic site has been financially struggling for years, in an attempt to keep it open.

The pool has been a labor of love with  supported by a community effort throughout the years with fundraisers, supervising lifeguards, grounds and pool maintenance on their own personal time, and now the time and money may have finally run out.

The Board of Supervisors from the Town of Bethlehem has been approached about the town taking it over, but they refused. Hopefully things will turn around by the time the hot weather gets here.

One suggestion for you is the Bethlehem YMCA. They're at 900 Delaware Avenue. They actually have two pools.

So if your local pool closed, where would you go swimming? Let us know with your comments below.

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