It's not every day you run in to a wild animal perusing the produce at the supermarket.

But that is EXACTLY what happened in Cooperstown, New York. According to WIBX in Utica, Alyssa Erickson McGoldrick saw an interesting shopper while working recently:

Yes. That is a deer, shopping for some apples and apparently trying to decide between a 30 pack of Coors Light or Labatt Blue. Doesn't this deer know it's fall and they should be buying an Octoberfest of Pumpkin Flavored beer? But I guess you can't get mad at a thirsty deer just seeking out some suds.

But, moving on, Alyssa told WIBX the deer was actually quite calm, and was easily ushered out of the store.


And word is, this young buck stayed as far away from the butcher as possible while checking the items off his grocery list. Maybe next time they will try the curbside to go service? ;)


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