This comes to us from the "What were they thinking?!" category.

Last Friday was "International Women's Day" and March is "Women's History Month" a time to celebrate the contributions of women throughout world history. To celebrate the ever rising status of women in our societies. To truly appreciate the women who have shaped our world with their minds , hearts and dedication.

Youtube Image, Fox news b roll
Youtube Image, Fox news b roll

With all that in mind, clearly, if you are going to do a story about it, you should include a "B-Roll" video behind it of random women's breasts as they walk down a busy street. Right?

Not. Well a local Connecticut Fox news station did just that. The video in itself, because of the stupidity is just downright funny to me. I'm not mocking women , just the idiot who decided to use this footage. I think the absolute best part is the pauses, tone, and inflection of the woman reported as she is doing the story, and also seems to be seeing the selected footage for the first time herself.

Was it on purpose, with all the cutbacks and double duty most people are doing these days at work, probably not. More than likely it was some intern rushing to find "random women" footage and grabbed this without looking at it.

I know, I do appreciate women, and I am very aware of their role in society, their intelligence, strength, leadership and dedication, but I also enjoy the B-roll footage too.

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