If I asked you what the top story of the year for ESPN was, would you say the N.F.L. draft? The lock out? Maybe you would say something like a new NASCAR Champion, or Tiger Woods collapse in the world of golf. All of these guesses are good, but they are also wrong.



The biggest story for ESPN this year was a random story they ran back in January about New York Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie insulted Tom Brady of the New England Patriots.

Wall Street Journal

How about the "Wall Street Journal"? Surely their top story had something to do with finances, or the collapse of the world's markets. Maybe an in depth article about the recession or the policies of the nations economists? Wrong again. The top story of the year for the "Wall Street Journal" was actually an excerpt they printed from the book, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" called "Why Chinese Mothers are Superior".

New York Times


I know, the "New York Times", of course their top story this year had to be real hard hitting news. Politics? Murder? Maybe even a catastrophic natural disaster. Surely the Middle East would make a strong showing in the run for the top story of the year in the "New York Times"? The top story for the times wasn't even an actual news story. It was an essay written in  January called "Sustainable Love", about what makes up a happy marriage.

After seeing these stories and their popularity, it might make one wonder if people are still more hungry for things of intellectual substance than what our mainstream media might have us believe. Maybe it isn't murders, espionage, disaster or even sex that lures us into a story. Perhaps, it is themes like love, motherhood and competition that win the battle for our attention. Nope.

Fox News

Just as you may start to have faith once again in the intelligence and depth of the American public you learn that the top news story for "Fox News", was of course about Kim Kardashian.


I could go on and on about how truly idiotic  we can be in this culture. I could tell you how unimportant the contributions of Kim Kardashian are to the world we live in. I could revel in the sheer shallowness it requires to make this anyone's top news story. I could, but truth is, the woman is just so damned hot. If I see her picture on a blog or a news story, I'm clickin' it too!

God Bless.


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