The House and Senate keep fighting over cuts. One side says we have to make some real cuts to actually start shrinking the deficit of our country. The other disagrees. The clock is ticking.

In the real world when cuts have to be made we make them. We cut back on our groceries, set the thermostat lower, cut from digital to basic cable, sell one car,go to community college instead of a 4 year University. We stay home and just buy what we literally need, we drive less, we don't use credit and pay cash for everything. What I am saying is that "we" the American people realize that when you're in debt you have to cut.

Even the private employment sector realizes this, and we see our friends and family and co-workers leaving their jobs because they were cut. Everywhere you look in America we all see that when we have to make tough decisions we do it. That rule does not apply to congress. Cuts have to be made, and personally I hear a number of $38 billion which I don't think is nearly enough to get the national debt moving down.

Government is too big, and needs to shrink and the power of the future needs to be given back to us, the people. The real number for progress and to spur the economy quickly is about $180 billion in federal cuts and department eliminations. Just swing the axe and get it over so America can be the powerhouse it use to be and leave it alone.

Here's the full "he said, she said" federal budget story from NBC News. Personally if they can't get a real "slash and burn" cut to the bone budget in place, then just let the federal government shut down. We'll be fine, really. That's why we have 50 independent state governments, so that we can take care of business regardless of the Washington ineptitude.

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