On July 8th 1993, Betty Conley, a 37-year-old wife and mother of two was found dead at the convenient store she worked at in the Town of Charlton.  The killer shot her in the back of the head and then took off with a measly $100 from the Xtra Mart she worked at on Route 67.  To this day, her killer has never been caught.

27 years later, Betty Conley's daughter Linda is doing everything she can to find out any information that could lead to the person responsible for this heinous, cold-blooded act.  Linda Conley says that her mother picked up the job at the Xtra Mart to try and save money for Linda's college education.  She believes that the truth is out there and that "somebody knows something" and her family is imploring anybody with information to be "brave enough" to step forward with it.

Linda Conley recently put out this 5 minute and 30 second video in an attempt to give this cold case the attention she feels it deserves, and who could blame her.

It's bad enough for a family to suffer through the tragic events that unfolded over 27 years ago, only made worse by the fact that the murderer is more than likely living a life in freedom, while the Conley family struggles with grief, pain and a lack of closure.

In the emotional video shared by thousands, Linda travels back to the murder scene, speaks with her father about having to identify the body and implores anyone with information to please reach out to the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office or Linda directly at 518-445-0106.

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