Troy Orner is a dad that has 8-year-old triplets. Like most dads, his concern is to keep his children safe. In this case, he’s looking into a high tech future.

He knows that the kids will grow up so fast, so he’s created an app that will shut a teenage driver’s phone off while they’re behind the wheel.

In a story from Denver TVstation KUSA, he started about two years ago. It’s called 'The Life Before Text’ app. It cost Troy $20,000 dollars to create the app. It can be purchased for a one-time fee of just $3.98, a small price to pay for your child’s safety.

If the app is disabled by the teenager, the parents will receive an email. If they delete it, an email will be sent to the insurance agent. The agent may be giving the teen driver a discount because they had the app installed. While the teen won’t be able to text, talk or get emails while driving, they will be able to use the phone for an emergency. Maybe they should make the app standard on every phone. That would keep our roads a little more safer. It’s almost against the law to do all those things while you’re driving anyway.