WGNA now has a new phone app and you can download it right now. I know that we have been excited to get this app off the ground but what really has me happy is that listeners are getting excited by it too. Just yesterday I saw someone post as their Facebook status how excited they were to find out that we now have an app available. What we need is more and more people to download the app and let us know what sort of things you think we should add. If it is possible to do, we will try to get it done.

I have it and I can tell you I think what most people will LOVE is that in makes it so easy to listen to the station from your phone. The listen now aspect will certainly make a lot of people happy when they are in a situation where they don't have a radio nearby.

Another great feature is the "News" feature. This part of the app will give you immediate access to the latest blogs from your favorite air personalities. I know that when you are away from a computer and you hear us talking about a great blog or poll we just put up it was frustrating to try to get easy access before, now its a piece of cake.


The app also makes it easy to "contact us" complete with e mail, Facebook, Phone, and Twitter access. One of the first things I thought of was that we need to add the texting number (77000) on there as well.

Which brings me to your ideas. Obviously as with all thing WGNA, your input matters so let us know what sort of feature you would like to see on the app. OF course we have some ideas we are working on to make the app something that everyone wants to have but sometimes you guys have ideas that we sometimes never think of so by all means let us have your ideas.

How can you give us your idea? Open you WGNA phone app, hit "Send Ap Feedback" and send us a note. See? It's already serving it's purpose! More access between WGNA and YOU.





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