You read that correctly - the cure for cancer was stolen. Problem is the person who has stolen the cure doesn’t even know they have stolen it as it’s on a laptop that has gone missing from a locked vehicle. Wait - a cure for cancer?

A researcher at the University of Oklahoma claims that he not only figured out a cure for cancer but that it was on a laptop that was stolen out of his car while he was dining with his wife. He has taken to the media to beg for its return as he never made a backup of any of the data.

This story seems a little on the hoax side of the fence - here’s why:

  1. Why would you ever leave a lap sitting in your car in plain site? Especially a MacBook!
  2. Why would you not backup your data if you have THE CURE FOR CANCER on your hard drive? I back up all the stupid crap on my hard drive like photos of LOL Cats
  3. Even if you did discover the cure for cancer and it was on this laptop, why would you be so public about it? Sure, you want whoever took it to return it and it’s a pretty damn good reason to return it - but how about the letdown this causes people who are battling cancer?

What do you think? Did this guy really have a cure or is he just trying to get his laptop back?