Much maligned New York Governor Andrew Cuomo didn't have time to change out of his custom-tailored suit and into his Super-Governor cape when he helped pull a man out from his crashed vehicle on Monday.  Video of the incident shows the Gov stepping in and assisting a man after his van crashed and landed on it's side on a New York City highway.

According to CBS 6 News, the van crashed on Monday and the Governor sprang into action and reports are that he helped the man to safety by cutting off his seatbelt and pulling the man out by his leg while others pried the vehicle door open giving the man enough room to get out.  In the video, it does not appear the man involved in the accident was seriously hurt.

Cuomo, who according to reports was traveling with state troopers on the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway.  Cuomo was one of the first to offer assistance to the man and did so before the New York police department got there.

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