While a recent Siena College poll determined that 87% of people think that Governor Cuomo is doing a good job handling the coronavirus pandemic, there are many who disagree with that.  Some of those people think that the pandemic has been greatly exaggerated, and they plan to voice their frustration by creating a scene and gridlock around Albany's State Capital Building on Wednesday.

According to the NY Daily News, an Albany event planned for Wednesday called 'Operation Gridlock' calls for people to show their displeasure by creating jams and stoppages around the area of Cuomo's daily press briefings, the Albany Capitol Building.

The NY Daily News reports that the same group of people who want to Re-Open New York State, gathered on Monday in Buffalo where according to sources, there were approximately 150 vehicles.   At the Buffalo event, many people were seen holding disparaging signs aimed at the governor from people who believe that New York has been unnecessarily shutdown.

The Facebook group organizing the Wednesday protest, known as ReOpen New York,  tells those planning to attend to stay in their vehicles and to be respectful of social distancing.

For the sake of our first responders and innocent bystanders,  let's hope they do.

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