I always just thought women's products and services were just better, justifying in some cases the inflated cost.  If our governor has his way, New York State would eliminate the "pink tax" which inflates the cost of women's goods and services simply because they are 'pink' and therefore marketed toward women

As a guy, I'm always amazed at the price discrepancy between men and women's products and services.  For example, most men get their haircut for $25 maybe $30.  I can't tell you how many times I felt literally nauseous hearing about the $200 and $300 cut and color that many women say they pay.   It's gotten to the point where my girlfriend uses my Dollar Shave Club razors because hers are 'too damn expensive'.

According to News Channel 13, Governor Cuomo is trying to put a stop to this with proposed legislation that would "prohibit gender-based price discrimination."

According to the source, Cuomo has wants for service providers to more trasparent about pricing.  He's also instituted hashtag #PinkTax to create state wide awareness about the proposal.

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