CT Man who Mysteriously Disappeared in 2013 Found Dead in Upstate NY

An unsolved mystery that baffled many for nearly a decade came to a sad ending this week when police in Upstate NY found the deceased body of a man who mysteriously went missing - leaving behind a wife and 3 kids - back in July of 2013.

Even stranger, when police identified his body, they learned the name he had been using for the better part of 9 years wasn't real and he'd been living with a pseudonym.

According to sources, Robert Hoagland disappeared in Connecticut more than nine years ago and sadly, was found dead Monday in upstate New York after living as "Richard King".

In the 9 years since his disappearance there were few leads, and police thought he could have literally been anywhere.

The Daily Beast reported he was last seen on July 28, 2013, at a gas station in Newtown, CT. According to the source, "they released surveillance camera stills of him smiling in the store. He didn't show up at work the next day."

On Monday, according to Daily Beast, Robert Hoagland was found dead in a home in Rock Hill, NY which is located down in the Catskills.

Who is Robert Hoagland, and why was he living in the Catskills?

That's one of the great unknowns of this case, but his mysterious disappearance gained national attention and was featured in Investigation Discovery’s “Disappeared: A Family Man.”

Sources report that Hoagland's roommate called 911 on Monday saying that he was experiencing a medical emergency, but referred to him as Richard King, not his real identity of Robert Hoagland.

“The detectives learned that Robert Hoagland had been living in Sullivan County since around November 2013 and was using the name Richard King,” Newtown Police Detective Lt. Liam Seabrook said. - The Daily Beast 

Tips about possible sightings came in from across the country, and the police say they investigated the tips but turned up very little.

Why did Hoagland leave his wife and 3 sons in CT and assume a new name and new identity?

While it's not known why he left his family 9 years ago, some have speculated that one of his children may have caused Hoagland to fear for his own life.

A Cold Case Podcaster with knowledge of the case made an interesting allegation suggesting that "His son was a drug addict who was making his life completely miserable if I remember correctly. There was an incident where he confronted drug dealers with a metal pipe to try to get his laptops back after the son sold them, and that seemed to be the last straw."

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