State police are currently investing a tragic situation last night in Corinth that left a woman dead, a man in custody and people searching for answers.

GNA has obtained information regarding what looks to be a tragic situation out of Corinth, a small town in Saratoga County.  According to the Post Star, troopers from the Wilton station and Saratoga County sheriff's officers responded to a call late Thursday night.  The incident according to the report happened at 7 Raymond Street in Corinth.

A woman was apparently shot by an 'acquaintance' and was in serious condition.  According to the Post Star, she died a short time later.  Police have a suspect in custody.

What's not being reported by any news outlet, is that according sources closely connected to the story, the apprehended individual responsible for her death was her husband.

According to connected sources, the husband told authorities that his wife's death was an accident and he claims he shot her while he was 'cleaning his gun.'

This information has not been confirmed by local authorities and whether or not his claims are legit  or a concocted cover-up remain to be seen.  But for now, this suspicious and tragic death remains a mystery.



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