What was the most creative food item served at YOUR Superbowl party?  What was the most UNappetizing? There were many to choose from out there!  My son Ben was home from college this weekend and  sent me this shot from the party he attended at the Rubery house.  (Actually, my wife Dorrie bought this from somewhere - very creative!)

Rubery chocolates

I You have to wonder how long these lasted!  (I wouldn't know - we were at a different party, but I'm not bitter at all!)

I would call that creative food.  But now we move on to weird food.  According to the Food Channel.com , they did a survey on odd menu items  served at Superbowl parties, and according to them:

When survey respondents were asked what they would serve at a Super Bowl party, about one-third said they’d serve muskrat chili and 20 percent said they’d be okay with putting a pig ear sandwich on the menu.

Screen Shot Food Channel

But this takes the cake.  Have you ever heard of snack stadiums?  According to the Huffington Post.com , they are very popular, and VERY weird (I added that!)

Here's a picture from their website.

Screenshot food stadium Huffington Post

They should create a companion stadium made out of TUMS and ROLAIDS with a Prilosec topping

What was the weirdest thing you were forced to consume?  How about the most creative?  Would love to hear about it in the comment section below!

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