Some things I read leave me scratching my head. Like, did you know that Magic Mike himself, Channing Tatum puts Cheerios cereal on his PB+J sandwiches? Really?!

Okay, so that ones maybe not as strange, but how about this one: Actor, Scott Foley puts peanut butter on his eggs. ON. HIS. EGGS!...GROSS!

So, I wanted to see the kind of weirdos, um, I mean weird food habits our friends here in the Capital Region have. I'm almost sorry I asked! I went to our WGNA Facebook page last week asking just that and the answers came pouring in.

I wanted to share with you some of the craziest ones I found. Oddly enough, a lot of them included peanut butter, which makes me feel like there may have been a lot of pregnant mamas on this post or I guess peanut butter for the win? I chose one of those peanut butter concoctions and found some others that made me cringe.

From Facebook:

Heather Carley Walts
Heather Carley Walts Peanut butter sandwich with sour cream and onion potato chips crushed in it
Stacy Jo
Stacy Jo Ritz crackers pineapple Hood cottage cheese with Frank's hot sauce!!!! I don't know where it came from or how I came up with it but I love it it's like the best midnight snack ever!!!
Kasondra Rose Terrell
Kasondra Rose Terrell Pepperoni with m &ms rolled into it
Miranda Graham
Miranda Graham spaghetti Os and cottage cheese
Christina Oakley
Christina Oakley Wax beans & mustard, pickles sandwich!
Scarlet Ann Emma
Scarlet Ann Emma Hot sauce on my mashed potatoes!
Miriam R Hickson
Miriam R Hickson Banana and mayonnaise sandwich
To see all of the responses, check out the full status below:

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