When i was younger, I loved drinking pickle juice. I have to admit, if I got the urge, I may drink some now. I don't know why but I guess I just like the taste.It is refreshing to me. I used to get crazy looks from my sisters and I would ask my mom to save the jar of juice after the pickles were gone. Call me crazy but it was and may still be a guilty pleasure.

I discovered that at stores in Pennsylvania and Ohio they carry a new drink called Pickle Juice Soda. Now it's not your traditional right out of the jar pickle juice, it's a carbonated pickle juice with sugar cane, citric acid and spring water. I have to admit, the carbonation really sounds gross. I like my pickle juice with no bubbles, some seeds are fine, but definitely bubble free. Don't plan on driving to either of those states to try it, I will just stick to the straight from the pickle jar juice.

What crazy foods do you like? Do your family or friends give you a hard time about them?

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