New York is doing everything it can to help promote our local breweries in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

Governor Cuomo's office announced Friday the launch of a "Virtual Passport Program"  to promote New York's craft breweries that reside within 10 mines of the Empire State Trail. The new passport will be available via the New York Craft Beer app and will be basically promoting these breweries for beer-lovers to try out along the trail. In a press release, Governor Cuomo said the new Empire State Trail when completed "...will benefit local residents and economic activity in communities across the state..." by promoting local recreation and tourism. With this new craft beer passport, local breweries will benefit as well. The Empire State trail itself is a walking or bicycle path across the state from New York City to Lake Champlain, and from Albany to Buffalo. You can learn more about the trail here.

Now the beauty of the passport is you don't have to follow the trail to get to your destination of choice featuring malted hops and barley. You can pretty much use the app as your planner to choose the location of your next craft beer sampling session. The passport is almost more like a personal craft beer planner as opposed to a passport. Or maybe it is more of a craft beer personal assistant? A virtual assistant that will help you get to that next great craft beer destination, without asking for a couple sips off that next flight of craft beer samples.

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