We are all getting a little bit stir crazy cooped up in our houses and obeying social distancing. So today, we went outside and my fiance, Jenn had some utterly clean fun. We had one of those inflatable cow costumes laying around the house, so Jenn thought it would be fun to put on her rollerblades and have some fun. The weather was beautiful and Jenn inflated her costume and skated around outside of our apartment complex.

Many of our neighbors were confused, but quickly realized it was all in good fun and a silly way to get outside while still practicing social distancing. Some even asked to take her picture (from six feet away of course).

[video width="480" height="480" mp4="https://townsquare.media/site/81/files/2020/03/video-1585260466.mp4"][/video]

I think we all could use a good laugh. Thanks to Jenn for making me lighten-up a bit during this very strange and weird time we are living in. Sometimes you just have to get out and enjoy the sunshine and know that everything is going to be okay. We just have to keep moooooving forward.

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