I am sure life on the road is not an easy one. These artists sacrifice a lot to travel city to city to entertain the masses. They have, however, found creative ways to bring some creature comforts of home along with them. I am hoping that at Countryfest on Saturday (July 8th), we get to see their special guests. When we first started here at WGNA, we met a lot of different country artists. We met the up and comers and superstars a like. But one prevailing theme was that they had to have their dogs on the road with them.

I have been doing my research and it looks like most of the artists that are coming to Countryfest on Saturday (July 8th) have dogs and some of them even have more than one.

I know that Michael Ray had adopted Lou, his mix, from a shelter last year and then just recently he was in Chicago and couldn't resist a husky/sheppard mix puppy from a shelter he named Wrigley. Michael mentioned that he tries to bring them when he tours.

Randy Houser adopted his golden doodle, Hawk, back in 2015 and even with his busy schedule, he often has Hawk tagalong with him when he hits the road. If I see that golden doodle at the Sgchaticoke Fairgrounds, I may take him home with me.

Then there is Justin Moore, we will probably not be playing with his dogs when he comes to Countryfest. Back in March, Justin wanted to get two outside dogs to protect his home. Well he wound up getting two Great Danes. They are 200 pound dogs, but he didn't realize they only like the comforts of Justin's house. Something tells me that Johnny and June don't do well on the tour bus.

I guess it doesn't matter if the artists bring their dogs, but it sure would be fun to snuggle and play with them.


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