There seems to be a trend among country music stars. When they hit the road to tour, everyone comes along, even their dogs. When we met Kane Brown at Upstate Concert Hall last month, it was so important to him, that he had his dog on the road with him. He couldn't wait for us to meet the Instagram famous, Rambo. I was so happy that Kane trusted us enough to not only meet his dog but snuggle and play with him.

Chrissy Cavotta

There was also a story about Thomas Rhett, who is not only touring, but has his hands full with an adopted daughter and another baby on the way. He made it a point to reconfigure his tour bus not only to accommodate a crib but also make room for two dog crates so his furry friends could come along for the tour.

Then there was last week, when we were up at SPAC with Brad Paisley. After his rehearsal we noticed there was a beautiful large white dog on stage being walked by Brad's Dad. He told me that Hoot, Brad's rescue dog, goes everywhere Brad goes. He is also embarking (no pun intended) on a World Tour. I was thrilled that Hoot liked me.

chrissy cavotta

I love this trend, and can't help but thinking that if I was ever in that position, I too would have Freddie with me on the entire adventure.