Abi Ann is a young, rising country star that recently visited us at the WGNA studio.

Abi Ann with Bro. Lou Roberts
Abi Ann with Bro. Lou Roberts (Ryan McMaster / Ariana Sheehan / WGNA)

Abi, who is originally from Texas, is an accomplished singer and songwriter. Her EP is called ‘17’.

Even though she’s young, she has had many accomplishments with her music. Some of those accomplishments include songs that were used in some television shows and movies.

She’s also toured with pop artist and actor Jesse McCartney.  Currently, she’s been touring with Kelly Clarkson.

Her website mentions that she has a passion for charity work which is strong in the areas of Cystic Fibrosis and Cancer awareness. One thing that caught my attention was that she's race car driver. That was thanks to a little prompting from her dad.

In addition to being a very busy young lady, she’s traveled all over the world. When Abi stopped by our studio, I had the pleasure of talking with her, and enjoyed the company of her entourage, which was a lot of fun. You can hear and see the interview, which included Abi (and her crew) performing her song ‘Truck Candy’.

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