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What was supposed to be a fun night out on Halloween, turned into an all-out street brawl for multiple individuals late Saturday night in downtown Saratoga.

In this 50-second video taken on Caroline Street over the weekend, you can see multiple Saratoga Springs partygoers in their full Halloween costumes, replacing tricks and treats for haymakers and hooks in an altercation that resulted in some minor injuries and one arrest.

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Costume Characters Clash on Halloween Night

In the video shared by Saratoga TODAY Newspaper, it's not exactly clear who started the melee, or the reason why but according to the source, the sailor was arrested.  Saratoga TODAY also makes it clear that this was not the weekend altercation in Saratoga that resulted in a person getting stabbed.

Sailor keeps lit cig in the mouth the whole time

While I would personally never condone the behavior, there were moments during the fracas that people who watched did so in disbelief.

The video starts with at least 2 individuals throwing haymakers at one another in the background, while one man in the forefront dressed as "Macho Man" Randy Savage bull rushes another guy wearing a purple costume.

As rumble continues, the sailor, with a lit cigarette in his mouth, tries to break up the battle between Macho Man and the purple-suit guy, only to intervene again when the man in purple attempts to sucker punch the Macho man.  A short time later, it appears cooler heads prevailed.

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