It's May 18th and in other words, it's 5/18 or 518 Day! I've lived in the Capital Region my entire life and I love supporting not only my hometown of Schenectady but the entire area I come from so Happy #518Day!

I first heard about the beginnings of this idea last year from Michael Janairo of the Tang Museum in Saratoga. He started the trending of this hashtag to bring awareness to the sometimes forgotten arts community that we have here. Janairo encouraged people to utilize the hashtag to share or promote the outlets for the arts found right in the 518.

Janairo gathered most of the tweets, Facebook comments, Instagram pictures, blog that used #518 and gathered them together. I think anytime to bring attention to the Capital Region and the amazing things we have in this area to share is great, especially this year.

Starting next year, on #518Day, we won't only be the 518 with the area already planning to begin adopting the 838 area in the Fall. Granted, there is no August 38th so we probably won't be able to celebrate that accordingly but does the mean the end for celebrating #518Day and the 518 as we know it?

Take the day, appreciate where you live, support the arts and share #518Day!

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