Albany County is looking to get approval for the Capital Region to start phase 3 early.

As other Upstate New York regions get set to begin phase 3 of reopening this week, could the Capital Region be joining them? According to a Times union report, the possibility is being explored by Albany County Executive Dan McCoy. He is suggesting that with the current data we have on the coronavirus in the area a case could be made  to open this Friday. The idea is being run by Governor Cuomo, so we should know really soon if this could happen.

If we do reopen Friday, that means indoor dining at restaurants could resume and personal care businesses like nail salons and tattoo parlors could reopen, according to New York Forward. So once we hit phase 3, outside of entertainment and arts venues, many of the places we visit shop and eat at will be reopened. And I know we are dealing with the new normal, but the more that open, I think the more normal we will feel.

The other interesting thing here is the data. As annoying as they are to wear, are the masks working? We keep hitting each phase and as the data continues to trend in the right direction, you have to assume the inconvenience is actually paying off.

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