It's been talked about for months. Petitions and protests vying to make a difference not only in New York state but the country as a whole.

Just when it was thought to be taking effect earlier this month, it was placed on the back burner, yet again. But, could a new law in 2017 increase our minimum wage in New York state?

It looks like that's the case.

A state minimum wage hike will be enforced, raising our $8.75/hour to $9.70/hour. The goal is for minimum wage to reach $15/hour by the end of 2018 for most businesses within New York City (for businesses with 10 or fewer employees it's to hit by the end of 2019.) For Upstate, we're looking at $12.50/hour by the end of 2020.

I know, it seems rather "bleh," if you ask me. With the cost of living constantly increasing and pay rates barely nudging, it's no shock so many people end of living pay check to pay check or quickly become broke when the unexpected takes place.

Here's to hoping better finances for all in the New Year!

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