The only thing more striking and majestic than seeing a bald eagle, would be seeing multiple bald eagles.  I always feel like my best shot to see them is when I'm traveling on 87N and heading up toward the Adirondacks.  It's hard to keep my eyes on the road when I'm looking for wildlife perched high up in the trees, but I manage to arrive safely where I'm going.  I've seen lots of hawks, but nary a bald eagle.  Bird lovers and wildlife enthusiast alike will be happy to know that due to the influx of bald eagles in a relatively confined area, a trail designed specifically to view these amazing birds opened in the Fall.  On their website, The Schoharie County Eagle Trail is described as, "an accessible bird watching route designed to entertain and educate visitors on the flourishing eagle population in Schoharie County, upstate New York."

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News Channel 13 reported that in accordance with the opening of the trail, the public was invited to submit names for the pair of its more popular attractions; a beautiful, bald eagle couple.  According to the Schoharie County Eagle Trail Facebook, they'll be selecting a winner by the end of February and a prize will be given out to the winner.

If the names you select are chosen, you'll get a private guided tour of the eagle trail by  notorious local  eagle expert and photographer Bill Combs, Jr.  To name the Cobleskill "love birds" click here. 

For the record, I already submitted "Freedom" and "Liberty" as their names and fully don't expect to win so go on and shoot your best shot.

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