Here at our radio station we are always supporting hometown heroes.  You can even submit your own if you wish.  But here is another way to salute them through the  Blue Friday organization. 

Just to get you up to speed in case you've never heard of them – Blue Friday is an organization who's  sole purpose is to raise money for the families of fallen police officers  killed in the line of duty.   Maybe I'm mistaken here but given the slew of recent events, I don't think police officers have ever been in a more dangerous environment than now.  Regardless of where you stand, you can't tell me that YOU would jump into a blue uniform and feel confident pulling people over in the middle of the night, responding to a mass protest or chasing armed and dangerous escaped prisoners   It really takes someone extra special and extra dedicated, and that also applies to their loved ones that have to live their lives in fear and worry for their safety.

They are heroes, and should be treated as such.  There are other heroes in the community is well - and that was the genesis of THIS event - Community Heroes Night, Wednesday, August 12th at the "Joe" Stadium.  You can log onto, contact Lou Somma at, or  Bob Markel at  There are other phone numbers and contacts on the poster.  Here is a screenshot .

Please show your support for this worthy cause, and come out for a great time and a fun ball game!