I love the two animals we have - a Pekingnese named Spencer and a cat named Rascal.  They're cute,  pretty playful, and are great subjects for me so I can mess with my iPhone photo apps.

collage spencer rascal

Once again, they're fun and everything, but talented?  Not so much.  The cat in particular could not hold a candle to the felines in this next video, courtesy of MSNBC.com .  I now present to you the AcroCATS.  These are guitar, drum and piano playing furry fellows.  Check this out


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How'd you like THAT.  Now how much would you pay to see them live?  I wish we could interview them on the show, but I'm sure they wouldn't cooperate.  Hello?  They're CATS!!

Can YOUR cat do tricks?  Have you been able to actually train them to do ANYTHING?   Would love to know in the comment section below



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