Be on the lookout for a new kind of scam that has been happening in the Colonie area. They are called distraction burglaries and police want you to be on high alert to help catch these criminals. Here's what to look for. According to News 10 ABC, there have been distraction burglaries in the Latham/Colonie area where residents have opened their door to who they believe to be city workers. They appear to be targeting elderly residents claiming a service-related issue and needing to gain access to their basement. While they are in the basement with the homeowner, others enter the residence and burglarize the home.

The incidents that have been reported to Colonie Police were similar in nature. There was one that happened on Friday afternoon around lunchtime to a resident on Sparrowbush Road. The person claimed to be from the water department and had to check the homeowner's basement for a water line break. When they were in the basement together for about fifteen minutes, others went through the house and took $4000 in cash.

The other incident took place on Forts Ferry Road and the suspect is believed to be the same culprit. This time the man claimed to be checking on a power outage in the area. The man requested that the homeowner leave the residence for an amount of time but he refused. Nothing was stolen but the man reported it to the police.

They are looking for a white male, 5' 10", thin build with dark medium length hair wearing a dark jacket. They believe the suspect to be driving a small silver four-door SUV.

Colonie Police remind homeowners to be very cautious of unsolicited service calls and to always ask for identification. If you are suspicious at all, do not let anyone in until you can verify their presence with the actual organization.

If you have any information about these incidents or any others that are similar, please contact the Colonie Police Department (518)-783-2744 or anonymously at Capital District Crime Stoppers. 

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