They are putting the finishing touches on a playground in Colonie that will allow children with and without special needs to enjoy. The community has been working on the project for three years and next summer it will open.The playground at Cook Park in Colonie will feature new and innovative equipment for all kids.  Those who use wheelchairs will have the access of a specialized roller slide. For kids with sensory issues, there will be a quiet space. There will be zip lines, all level swings, net climbers and a four person seesaw. There will also be a section for kids up to five years old.

According to the Times Union, a New York state grant helped fund $125,000 of the $250,000 it cost to rebuild. The other half is being raised through donations from local businesses and the community.

The playground at Cook Park, located near the Village of Colonie Outreach Center, will be an Americans with Disabilities Act compliant playground.

I am fortunate that when my son plays on the playground, he is able to enjoy all of the equipment. But not all children can. I hope this is a growing trend and more playgrounds are redone to allow children with special needs and disabilities to also be able to play.

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