I'm not sure the average sports fan here in the Capital Region knows how good NBA player and former Shen star, Kevin Huerter, really is.

Unfortunately, last year, he was traded from the Atlanta Hawks to the Sacramento Kings, and we see fewer of his games on TV, but trust me, the boy is ballin'!

So much in fact, the Kings tweeted out a video of the sniper titled "Light Work After Practice," and it's amazing.

Sacramento Kings v Phoenix Suns
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I see videos of people on Tik Tok or Instagram making all kinds of crazy "trick" shots. Some are full-court three-pointers, or taken high off of rooftops, into moving cars, etc.  When I see them, I often wonder how many "fails" they had before making that one miraculous "viral" shot.

The difference between a person "trying to catch lightning in a bottle," and an actual NBA player is immeasurable.  The kinds of shots we'd spend all day (or weekend)  trying to make, they do in their sleep.

And that brings us to former Shen standout Kevin Huerter - a sharp-shooting guard/forward in his 5th NBA season, and first with the Sacramento Kings

After being traded from the east coast Atlanta Hawks to the Sacramento Kings, we see fewer of his games on TV, but he's been great.

Huerter, who scores about 15 points a game, also averages three 3-pointers a game,  shooting over 40% from long distance.

Memphis Grizzlies v Sacramento Kings
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Will Clifton Park's Kevin Huerter be part of the NBA All-Star Game in a few weeks?

It's possible - and we're certainly hoping he does.  On Thursday, portions of rosters from this year's NBA All-Star game were announced, but we still don't know who's competing in the Slam Dunk or 3-Point Contest scheduled for Feb. 18 in Utah.

We don't know if Keven Huerter is going to be asked to compete in the 3-Point shootout, but after watching a video his team put on social media on Thursday, the former Shen star certainly warrants consideration.  See it below

Watch how Huerter effortlessly makes 6 long-range baskets in a row starting at the NBA 3-point line (nearly 24 feet away from the basket) and progressively moving back to half-court.

By his 5th shot (nothing but net), he's passed half court and for the 6th shot, he heaves one up from the other team's 3-point line which is probably 75 feet from the basket, and drains it.  Huerter makes 6 shots - each one increasing in difficulty - in less than a minute.  That would take a normal person 1/2 their life - perhaps longer - get him in the 3-Point Shoot Out!



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