It's your chance to save money buying clothes, or make money trading them in. 

Who needs to buy new, when you can get great used clothing with huge savings? Style Encore, a clothing consignment store, is getting ready to open a new location in Clifton Park according to a Times Union report. The story says they are currently stocking up on spring and summer items as the prepare to open.

The store is located in Clifton park Center and their Facebook says they are currently paying cash for gently used items. So it seems you may not be able to purchase clothing in the new shop at this point, but you could make a little money trading your old clothing items in as they build their inventory. Their Facebook says they pay " on the spot for items purchased...We buy all day, every day, so you get to decide when you are going to sell to us based on your schedule!

Buying or selling, it sounds like Stlye Encore will be friendly to your wallet!

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