Canceled. Rescheduled. Canceled again. Is 2020 ever going to end?

On Tuesday, the Town of Clifton Park hit residents with the ol' double whammy by canceling fireworks that were rescheduled for Labor Day weekend. These were the fireworks originally canceled for the 4th of July.

If this sounds like something from an Abbot and Costello 'Who's On First' routine, you're not wrong.   The cancellation of a rescheduling - following an original cancellation - is par for the course in 2020 and should surprise no one.

At this point, all you really need to know is that according to the Daily Gazette, there will be no fireworks in Clifton Park at the Commons over Labor Day weekend.  

In a statement by the Town of Clifton Park, officials unfortunately had to pass along the news in a statement that said, “We are now at a juncture where the Town is required to sign a contract, provide a deposit, and work toward planning for the event."

According to News 10 ABC, Clifton Park Town officials added, "Although New York State has moved through the established Phases of Reopening, there continues to be stringent restrictions on the amount of people that can gather in one location. Therefore, hosting the fireworks show in September is just not possible."

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