Superfan Worries COVID May Ketchup W/Bills Fans-No Condiment Show
Another event has been canceled because of COVID. This time it's a time-honored tradition at Buffalo Bills tailgates. One of Bills Mafia's superfans says he is not going to go through with his condiment showers anymore in the parking lot in Orchard Park before the Buffalo Bills home games.
Schenectady Little Italy Streetfest a Big No This Year
The lingering effects of COVID-19 and staff shortages have claimed another festival. This time it's the Little Italy Streetfest in Schenectady. It's unfortunate but organizers and restaurant owners agree that there is no way they would be able to have enough employees to keep up with the h…
4-3-21 Was Supposed to be Our Wedding Day-But it's a New Start
This past weekend on 4-3-21 Jenn and I were supposed to get married in a small ceremony in Disney. When the world came to a halt, we decided to postpone our wedding, as many people did, and pick a new date. I can't lie and say I wasn't disappointed but I understood that we had no choice. F…
Feliz Covidad: Schenectady Nixes Annual Holiday Parade
Not even the magic of the season could prevent city officials from canceling the popular Schenectady Holiday Parade which would have celebrated it's 52nd year.  Instead, Schenectady's Mayor announced on Monday that the celebration of all things St. Nick had officially been scrapped.
Albany’s Oktoberbest Falls Victim to Covid
At this point in 2020 it sure would be a lot more fun to write about what is still happening and not what isn't happening due to the pandemic, but to be frank, that wouldn't leave us with a whole lot to write about.  It was announced early on Monday that the Albany beer festival which…
Albany’s LarkFest Latest Covid Casualty
The hits keep coming in 2020 and while this one doesn't come as surprise to anyone, a long running tradition for one of Albany's most interesting and colorful streets has been canceled.
Wine & Food Festival Officially Corked
There have been so many events canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic. The organizers of a local wine and food fest thought postponing it until fall would be plenty of time for things to go back to normal, but they had to put a cork in it.
Clifton Park Cancels Fireworks... Again
Canceled. Rescheduled. Canceled again. Is 2020 ever going to end?
On Tuesday, the Town of Clifton Park hit residents with the ol' double whammy by canceling fireworks that were rescheduled for Labor Day weekend. These were the fireworks originally canceled for the 4th of July.
Summer Camps Canceled in Saratoga
More and more events and programs are being canceled this summer due to the coronavirus pandemic. This time Saratoga has had to make some decisions regarding summer camps and programs.
An Open Letter To Roseanne (And Anyone Else On Twitter)
Dear Roseanne (and anyone else who uses Twitter):
I love Twitter.  The information is immediate, reaction can be insightful and sometimes downright hilarious.  Twitter is very tempting. For celebrities - and everyday people- it's an outlet, an expression, a chance to be heard...

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