Longtime listener William Shippey called in to be part of Write A Song Wednesday.  I'm very glad he did.  Here's the reason…. 

Will Shippey has been one of our most loyal supporters (almost for as long as I've been here).  Not only that, but every year he comes to the station with bundles of money that he collects himself for whatever charity we are involved with at the time.  This was the least we could do for good old Will on Write A Song Wednesday!  This one's for you (and your family),  buddy!


This song that I've written, it surely isn't opera

it's all about a guy who says Hakuna Matata
He's happy, no worries - just pour him a Cahlua
Will is never depressed
Unless his pretty wife Jennifer
Asks him to do any kind of work
It's nothing he wants to hear
So he sticks a conch in his ear
He has two little girls
His little girls are his whole world
Alexandra and Isabella
Makes him a happy fella
When they go to the islands
Jennifer is smiling
In fact you can watch her
do the Coocaracha
If you hire him, you'll see
He'll restore your masonry
He likes it that way
on Write A Song Wednesday


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