If you tuned in for the Super Bowl last night then you probably caught most, if not all, the commercials in between the game.  And therefore, also caught Chrysler's new marketing campaign that debuted last night.  Though most of us remember one or two Super Bowl commercials because they made us laugh or because we thought they were kind of lame, one particular commercial really stuck in my mind because of the message it delivered.

You may have seen the one I'm referring to, but in case you didn't, the two-minute ad featured Detroit rapper Eminem.   Evidently, the commercial was filmed entirely in Detroit, showing multiple city landmarks and, also featured the new Chrysler 200 sedan. (Not a bad looking car.)

Eventhough Eminem starred in the commercial, the message at the end of the ad is what really stuck with me.  Eminem is seen walking throughout Detroit with his music playing in the background almost like a music video, but just as he gets back in the new Chrysler 200, a message comes across the screen.  Check the link below and see for yourself.  Let me know if you think this particular commercial had a strong marketing strategy -- I sure do.