There have been so many trends in the past decade that have literally transformed us--changed our way of life.  The smartphone!  Cable News Networks! The KFC DoubleDown!

But country music has still remained a's still  the music of the people, even though it's become a little more "crossover" in nature.  Many of yesterday's rockers and rappers have come over to the country format, because--hey--they know where their bread is buttered.

Take Eminem for example.  Did you know that even HE recorded a country version of one of his rap classics?

OK, he didn't.  I did it.  And I had a blast recording this.  In fact, it remains one of the hardest things I've ever tried to parody.  It makes me realize how difficult it is to write a rap song--and this was only a one minute bit!

So here we go---here's a rerun of "Slim Country", from our CD "Dis Album"......