Firefighter Loses Job Over Racially Insensitive Watermelon
Would the Albany, Schenectady, Glens Falls or Troy FD handle it the same way? A probationary firefighter was fired recently because he brought in a watermelon (complete with a bow) as a gift to the veteran members of the station.  Some of his African-American co-workers were offended, some…
Detroit Needs A Robocop Statue [VIDEO]
Not sure why we even have to debate this but some people seem to think a Robocop staue in Detroit is a bad idea. You know like the mayor David Bing. If Rocky can have a statue in Philly why can't the savor of the Motor City have one?
Chrysler’s New Campaign
If you tuned in for the Super Bowl last night then you probably caught most, if not all, the commercials in between the game.  And therefore, also caught Chrysler's new marketing campaign that debuted last night.