My son, Ryan, is playing baseball and now we are into the fall season. He has games on Sundays and this past week, he had a double-header. I mic myself up and cheer on the entire team pretty loudly. Take a listen to this week's installment of "Big League Chooch". When I am at Ryan's games, I can't help but to get excited and yell out some cheers and obnoxious phrases. It's all done in a positive way, but sometimes comes across as loud and unnecessary. Now that I am more comfortable with all the kids, and parents, I am cheering on each kid on the field. I am also getting more creative and clever.

This past week's game, I focused on cheering on the baseball players individually whether it was by name or nickname. I even got creative with one of the new kids on the team. I couldn't help myself and yelled out something pretty scary. Here is this week's "Big League Chooch".

During the coronavirus pandemic, I wasn't able to root Ryan on at any sporting events because there weren't any. I did get creative, however, cheering Ryan on when he was blowing out his birthday candles, playing hours of Fortnite, walking the dog, and other activities.

Now that baseball is back, you can listen as The Big League Chooch will make an appearance on Brian and Chrissy in the Morning. She always remains positive but her cheering most of the time comes across as loud and obnoxious.

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