It was a quiet Saturday afternoon when our doorbell rang and when we opened the door, no one was there. There were some Halloween type things left behind and apparently we had "BEEN BOOED". I am not sure when this latest neighborhood Halloween trend started, but now our household is swept up in the "You've Been Booed" trick. When Ryan, our eight-year-old, answered the door on Saturday, there was a Halloween gift bag left behind with a note and a sign.

There was a door hanger that read, "You've Been Booed". There was a Halloween gift bag filled with candy and a note inside of what had just happened to us. There were also instructions on what we were to do next.

Chrissy, TownSquare Media
Chrissy, TownSquare Media

Apparently, this is a new trick that is done in total fun through neighborhoods. You anonymously receive this boo bag and then buy two more (we found them at Target for about $5 apiece - it comes with everything you see here, just add candy). Then you are supposed to "BOO" others in your neighborhood. The opposite side of the door hanger reads, "We've Been Booed" and you are to flip it and leave it on your door so others know you have done it.

But the fun part is not to tell anyone you did it. Ryan couldn't keep it a secret and told our neighbors when they asked if it was us.


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